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The PowerMaster 8900 Series Automated Calibration System is a state of the art system capable of calibrating all PowerMaster products including current probes. Since it contains a Fluke 6105A voltage and current source, it is capable of calibrating not only Powermetrix products, but a wide range of AC measurement devices including power quality measurement systems, electricity meters, multimeters and recorders.

Calibrations are fully automated using Powermetrix’s ProCal Software. The combination of the Fluke 6105A and a PowerMaster 8301 Three Phase Reference Standard provide dual verification that no changes in accuracy have occurred.

• ±0.01% Accuracy Class
• Three Phase or Single Phase Sources
• Calibrate Powermetrix Devices
• Calibrate Current Probes
• Calibrate Other AC Measurement Devices
• Reduce Calibration Costs & Downtime
• Control Calibration Schedules
• Increase Laboratory Functionality
• Dual Accuracy Verification
• Automated Test Procedures

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