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Direct Inputs:
AC Current:
3 Inputs, 0 to 20A or 0 to 50A (model dependent), 1 uA Resolution
AC Voltage:
4 Inputs, 30 to 600V, 1uV Resolution
Aux. Power:
1 Input, 100 to 530VAC

Current Source:
Current Output:
0.1A to 20A (7302, 7332)
0.1A to 50A (7305, 7335)
Phase Adjustment:
0 to 360 degrees

Probe Inputs:
Two sets of three inputs
Resolution and range determined by probe

Wh, VARh, VAh (+/- 0.02% Accuracy)
Watt, VAR, VA (+/- 0.02% Accuracy)
Power Factor:
-1.00 to 1.00
Up to 100th harmonic (user selectable)
System Connectivity:
Pulse Inputs:
3(meter pulse input, standard input, aux input)
Pulse Outputs:
2(standard output, sync output)
USB to PC Port:
1(connectivity to PC)
USB Ports:
4(peripheral devices and barcode reader)
Ethernet Port:
1(high speed connectivity including internet)
RS232 Port:
1(legacy devices)
SD Memory Port:
1(removable SD Memory support)
Audio Port:
1(microphone, headphones)

Display Resolution:
640 x 480, full color transflective VGA
Display Size:
8.4 inches
Operating Temperature:
-20C to 50C (-4F to 122F)
Storage Temperature:
-30C to 60C (-22F to 140F)
0 to 95% non-condensing
Internal Battery:
14V NiMH rechargeable
21 in x 17 in x 8.5 in
Not including cables
7300 29.4lbs (13.3kg) 7302 35.6lbs (16.1kg)
7305 38.4lbs (17.4kg) 7332 42.2lbs (19.1kg)
7335 45.0lbs (20.4kg)
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> 7 Series Models
7300: True 3 Phase Reference Standard; ±0.02% Traceable to NIST
True 3 Phase Vectors and Waveforms; Harmonic Analysis up to the 100th
Customer Load Meter Testing; Demand Meter Testing
3 Phase Simultaneous CT Testing; 3 Phase Simultaneous PT Testing
CT Demagnetization; Transducer Testing; Data Trending;
Meter Site Manager Software
7302: With Integrated True 3 Phase 20A Current Source
7305: With Integrated True 3 Phase 50A Current Source
7332: With Integrated True 3 Phase 20A Current Source
AND True 3 Phase 480V Voltage Source
7335: With Integrated True 3 Phase 50A Current Source
AND True 3 Phase 480V Voltage Source
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> Accessories Set

Duckbill Direct Current Cable

Modular Voltage Cable

Current Jumpers

IR Pulse Detector w/ Flexible Arm

USB Cable (Type B)

Three Phase Probe Adapter Cable

Soft Accessory Case

Auxiliary Power AC Adapter

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