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PQSim 200™

A Power Practitioner™ Training Tool

PQSim was designed by power quality experts with +30 years' experience in testing and documenting power quality. The PQSim provides the user with the capability to select PQ event and its magnitude to test PQ instrument setups, capture capability with a repeatable and predictable voltage and current waveforms.



• User selectable PQ disturbances to train new PQ instrument users and engineers.
• An automatic sequence steps through a series of PQ disturbances including phase to neutral of voltages sags, swells, and transients, and neutral to ground disturbance of voltage swells and transients. In addition, generating odd harmonics as well.
• A dedicated AC function generator that produces voltage and current waveforms of the most common types of power quality disturbances.
• A voltage waveform of 1.5Vrms representing current on BNC connector.
• Cables adapters to fit meter input connectors available.

Power Input 12VDC Voltage
0 to 1.5 VAC (Current signal to PQ Meter)
*Output Phase Voltage 200~240, 50Hz
​*AC voltage can be configured within range.

Phase to Neutral​
• Magnitude (10, 25, 50)%
• Duration (0.05, 0.5, 1, 5, 11) cycles

Voltage Swell
• Magnitude (Fixed +10%)
• Duration (0.05, 0.5, 1, 5, 11) cycles

Unipolar & Bipolar Transients
Decaying Ring wave Transients
Odd Harmonics

Neutral to Ground
Voltage Swell
• Magnitude (Fixed +10%)
• Duration (0.05, 0.5, 1, 5, 11) cycles


BNC to Dranetz TR connector
BNC to BNC (for PQ meters with BNC input connectors)
BNC to Pig tails (no connectors) customer supplies the connector to match their meters.​

3 Voltage leads (black, white & green)
Current cable (BNC to TR connector type)
Jumper cable
12VDC splitter cable
12VDC extension 
12VDC power supply

Large Storage Carry Case
Dimension (L x W x D)
• External: 16.00" x 13.00" x 6.87" (40.6 x 33 x 17.4 cm)
• Internal: 14.62" x 10.18" x 6.00" (37.1 x 25.8 x 15.2 cm)

Octopus cable

BNC to 4TR type connectors

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