Dran-View software is a Windows based software package that enables power professionals to simply and quickly visualize and analyze power quality and energy monitoring data. Now in its 7th major revision, DranView 7 offers the powerful feature set that you expect from Dran-View, but it now has a much more modern appearance and a simpler user interface. Also, Dran-View 7 is now a true 64 bit program that can take full advantage of the speed and file size capabilities of the latest computer/Windows operating systems, but remains compatible with older 32 bit computers.

Ribbon Bar - New Look & Feel!


  • A simple mouse click allows you to quickly scroll through data, zoom in on disturbances, trend data, filter events, evaluate statistics, perform advanced harmonic and interharmonic analyses.

  • The software has been optimized for speed and to accommodate large data sets.

  • Flexibility has been integrated throughout the package - users can customize both appearance and behavior.

  • Two versions are available: one for the everday user (Pro) and the other for advanced power professionals (Enterprise). Click Here to view table showing the advantages between the two.

  • Multi-functional Dran-View helps you make the most of complex data, so that you can spend time where it counts most - evaluating, troubleshooting and preventing power quality events.



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